Saturday, December 08, 2018

Moving Along

I managed to properly adjust the infinity focus on the 135mm MC Tele Rokkor-QD.  Much to my surprise, I was also able to screw in the front logo ring with no great difficulty.

I attached the lens to my yard sale Minolta X-700 loaded with Tri-X and took it to Cate's chess match.  The dim florescent lighting forced me to shoot wide open at slow speeds, so it was not the best environment to show off the good quality the lens is capable of delivering.  However, I thought the camera and the lens performed pretty well under the circumstances.

I like the 135mm focal length for this type of event.  I am able to shoot with enough distance to avoid interfering with the action, and yet am able to fill the frame with the subject.  I'm looking forward now to trying the lens under more favorable conditions.


Jim Grey said...

Cate is a fortunate young woman to have you as her supporter.

JR Smith said...

Great hand-held shots under challenging lighting conditions!

Mike said...

Cate's dad is her real source of inspiration when it comes to chess as he plays well and follows the sport closely. I've always been a poor player, but have enjoyed the game nevertheless. I played most actively in the 1970s during Bobby Fisher's reign when I worked for the welfare dept. in San Francisco. I was usually able to beat my boss during our lunch breaks, but that was the extent of my accomplishment. With my first paycheck from that job I bought an old bone chess set from a junk store a couple doors down from my office. I still have the chess set, but I don't play any more.