Sunday, May 20, 2018

Nikon F2

The Nikon F2 is a heavy-weight, but still nice to shoot because of its smooth precision in operation.  I took off the bottom plate and repaired a corroded wire to the photomic meter, but it is still not going to work.  The meter itself responds when I apply voltage to the contacts, but it appears likely that there is some additional corrosion of the connections at the battery holder, and that is inaccessible without some major disassembly which I likely won't undertake.  That is not really an important impediment to using the camera, however, and I may still find a non-metered finder some time.  I put a roll of Kodak ColorPlus through the camera, with most of the shots being made with the Nikkor-P Auto 2.5/105mm.


Randall Davey Audubon Center, Santa Fe

Studio Gate


grape leaves

my fence

My desert four o'clock


social networking


JR Smith said...

Battery corrosion tends to work its way up the wire in this camera and do more damage. DP-11 finders are pretty cheap on eBay.

Mike said...

There are some pretty good instructions for disassembly on the web, but I probably won't bother with trying to fix this myself as everything else on the camera seems to work perfectly. I'm glad to have a chance to get to know the Nikons finally.

astrobeck said...

The F2 is a real good solid camera. It feels great in hand and just works...most of the time.
I shoot mine with a sunny 16 attitude. It always gets comments when I take it out on the street.

Mike said...

There seem to be quite a few more F2 survivors still swallowing film than I realized. Not surprising, I suppose, considering the camera's ultra-sturdy construction.

Jim Grey said...

Wow what beautiful color you got. The older Nikon primes can be so interesting in how they render color. The more modern AI and AIs lenses are fine lenses but can be less interesting in how they render.

Mike said...

The Nikkor 105 is definitely an interesting lens. I'm looking forward to learning to use it better. I wish the lens fit on my newer Nikons, but the F2 is actually quite a good shooter.