Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Winter Walking

Most of New Mexico has experienced an unusually mild winter this year.  I took a walk yesterday through the Botanical Gardens.  The Mediterranean Conservatory is always a nice refuge on winter days, but the temperature difference on cold days can fog glasses and camera lenses.  No fog problem this time for the Pentax ME.

Most of the shrubbery has been pruned back to prepare for the coming Sping.  There are a few daffodils and crocus starting to pop up through the leaf litter, and leaf buds are already showing up on tree branches.

This morning I walked the trail through the Rinconada rock art site on the west side of the Rio Grande.  Only a handful of the thousands of petroglyphs are currently accessible as fencing has been put in place to allow recovery of the terrain and vegetation on the rocky slopes.

When we came to Albuquerque ten years ago there were no restrictions on movement at the site and I was able to thoroughly explore the place from top to bottom.  I doubt that kind of access will be available again.


JR Smith said...

I find my little Pentax M cameras are wonderful for walks; light, capable, excellent lenses.

Mike said...

It is pretty amazing how much functionality Pentax got into such a small package. My impression is that the camera is capable of getting pictures under much more challenging conditions that what I am used to.