Friday, February 23, 2018

Cate goes for the win

Chess at the elementary school level tends to be a game of attrition rather than strategy.  This game went for nearly an hour before any pieces were taken.  Cate's opponent seemed distracted and took a long time to make each move.  What was impressive in Cate's performance was the way she maintained her focus throughout.  She had established good control of the center early on, and eventually wore down her opponent piece by piece until check was accomplished at near the two hour mark.
     I was glad I brought the Leica with the Summitar to the game.  With 100-speed Kentmere in the camera and dim light, I had to make the shots wide open at f2 and 1/30.


Jim Grey said...

Now I know why when my dad and my brother used to play together, Dad eventually bought a clock and all of their games were speed chess.

Mike said...

A clock would have been a good addition to Cate's game. Some of the matches did drag on even longer and clocks were eventually brought in to everyone's relief.

jon campo said...

You got some lovely shots this month Mike. Very nice.