Monday, August 21, 2017


Through the clouds at Albuquerque.


JR Smith said...

All clouds here in the Bay Area. The eclipse was a non-event. :-(

James Harr said...

I was thinking that the people who could see the eclipse through "just enough" cloud or fog were the really lucky ones. I mean once you have seen a perfectly clear photo of the eclipse, that's about it. They all look the same after that. But clouds add drama and interest. Here is San Diego we had clear skies. No surprise there. Thanks for sharing Mike.

Mike said...

The weather here has cooled down somewhat thanks to the seasonally cloudy weather. We were having lunch around noon on our deck when I noticed the sun blinking through the clouds. So, I went inside and grabbed my Canon digital to get a few snaps. I had seen and photographed two previous solar eclipses in New Mexico, both during periods of weather more conducive to observation.