Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why deny it?

I like cheap cameras, cheap film and cheap wine.

Looking back through my blog posts I see that I've been shooting this Olympus Infinity Stylus for about eight years and that I paid two bucks for it at an Albuquerque thrift store.  That is a little less than the cost of the the Fuji 200 color film that I usually shoot in it.  Since I do my own color processing, that adds about another buck to the cost per roll.  I'd guess my Infinity Stylus has traveled more miles in my pocket than most of my other cameras put together.

I'll get to the wine later.


JR Smith said...

I really do need to get up the nerve to try color processing at home. Great shots from this little camera!

Mike said...

I get the Unicolor kit from Freestyle for about $25 and usually order some film at the same time to get everything in the same box. Really no more difficult or time consuming than b&w.