Sunday, January 01, 2017

A Brace of Patent Etuis

I found another KW Patent Etui plate camera on ebay. It has had quite a lot more use than my other one judging from the worn condition of the covering, but the shutter, the lens and the bellows are all in shootable condition.

The first-acquired camera on the right came in nearly faultless condition and produced excellent quality images.  It has a 120mm Tessar lens.

The recently acquired camera to the left is equipped with a 105mm Meyer-Gorlitz Trioplan.  That is a three-element design rather than the four of the Tessar, but I always liked the images I got from the Trioplan on my Certo Dolly Super-Sport and I'm looking forward to seeing what this one will do.


JR Smith said...

Interesting cameras. Anxiously awaiting your results. Happy New Year!

Mike said...

Thanks. I have some tri-x in the camera now, so just need to get myself out of the house with it.