Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Albuquerque's South Valley celebrates the Day of the Dead each year with the Marigold Parade.  This year's celebration took place on the weekend before the national elections.

The last shot is from my Zorki 2C with the Jupiter 12 35mm.  The rest are made with the Pentax Spotmatic and the Mamiya 135mm.


Jim Grey said...

I look forward to your photos from this event every year. The subject is just right for black and white, and the people you photograph are so creative and talented.

Mike said...

Thanks, Jim. I do enjoy the challenge of this yearly event. It is very fast moving and it is hard to predict how images are going to come together. I usually get to the site about an hour before the parade is set to start, and nearly all the pictures are made during the prep period. I mostly treat the event as a street photography opportunity, and I attempt to catch people's natural interactions, gestures and expressions. Very interesting makeup and costumes can sometimes justify a more formal portrait approach, but I feel lucky if I get anything useful that way.

I think I've probably used the Spotmatic with the Mamiya 135 at all the parades. I also like to take along another camera with normal or wide-angle capability. This time, I carried the Zorki 2C with the Jupiter 12 because it is compact enough to go in a pocket even with the accessory viewfinder. In the past I have used the Olympus XA, the Agfa Clack, The Kodak Flash Bantam, the Foth Derby, and the Ansco Panda.

JR Smith said...

Based on your results...I may have to keep an eye out for one of those Mamiya 135s!

Mike said...

I've got a Super-Takumar 135 too. It is nicely compact, but has a dented filter ring. The Mamiya 135 has done such good work for me over the years that I don't feel much need for anything else in that range.