Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Winter Morning

Almost nobody but me and the keepers on a cool morning at the zoo.

I used the Pentax Spotmatic with my Auto Yashinon Zoom1:4.5 f-75mm~230mm.  It is a lens well suited to the venue in many respects, but also one that requires an intense level of concentration, and reflexes quicker than what I may be able to manage these days.  I haven't used the lens much, and don't even remember how I acquired it.  Perhaps I'll feel more comfortable with it with more practice.


JR Smith said...

These shots look pretty darn good to me. I think you managed with that lens just fine.

Mike said...

It is always tempting to just throw more technology at a photo challenge, but I'm pretty sure that my performance with the lens can be improved to some extent with more familiarity and practice. In the overcast light of a winter day I was shooting often with the lens wide open. At twenty or thirty feet, the depth of focus with a long lens really is razor thin. So, it seems important to anticipate shots and set the zoom appropriately rather than trying to follow action with it. That leaves one free to concentrate on adjusting the focus quickly, which is enough of a challenge in itself with an old camera and even older eyes.