Monday, February 02, 2015

Mission Ruins

We drove southeast from Albuquerque to visit two of the three Salinas Pueblo Missions ruins near Mountainair.




Jim Grey said...

The color you got in these shots has a vintage-film look to it.

Mike said...

Yes. I'm not sure exactly what produced it. Possibly a variety of sources including the lomography film, a slight overcast, the Unicolor processing and my own choices in Photoshop.

astrobeck said...

The color is great, that blue is just amazing!
Do you know ehat the near range us for the UWS?
We shoukd walk around town sometime with our UWS.
Becky astrobeck

Mike said...

Sorry, I didn't notice that a message had been left here. Comments are not automatically posted beyond seven days. Unless I check my blogger dashboard they become orphans.
I'm not sure of the exact minimum range, but I think you can make arm's length selfies with the little vuws.
An ultrawide walkabout would be an excellent idea. It has been too long since I loaded any film in mine.