Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Getting what you see

I'm often happier with the images from simple cameras than those from some of my more sophisticated models with highly corrected lenses and shutters with a wide range of speeds.  The Argoflex Forty has a decent three-element coated lens, but the shutter has a top speed of just 1/150.  Focus is by estimation.  The camera's big advantage for me is the brilliant finder which gives me a very good idea of what I am actually going to get on the film.


Jim Grey said...

It is enormously satisfying to get the image just right in the camera, especially when shooting with a simple machine.

Your shot of the blue door behind the fence is delightful, the best of this bunch.

Mike said...

Glad you liked the blue door.
I really enjoy shooting the Argoflex Forty. I'll likely use it much more often now that I have the light leak figured out.