Thursday, February 05, 2015

winter flower

This plant flowers in mid-winter in the Mediterranean Conservatory.  I have made quite a few pictures of it over several years with a variety of old cameras.

Pentax K1000

Pentax Spotmatic

Kodak Recomar 18


Jim said...

I always enjoy seeing several photos of the same subject, but at different times with different cameras/lenses and different films. It helps me see the subject more deeply.

Julio F said...

These are great. Flowers in B&W sometimes are better than in color.

Mike said...

One of my photo heroes is Karl Blossfeldt who worked only in black and white to make close-up images of plant structures using a home-made camera. He was a designer, illustrator and teacher more than a photographer. He seems to have intended his images to serve primarily as teaching aids and as kind of a clip-art collection for artists and craftsmen interested in the use of natural forms. Blossfeldt's compositions look simple, but they are very hard to reproduce, even with the advantage of his examples and modern equipment.