Friday, March 22, 2013

The usual suspects

I've put six rolls of film through my Kodak Flash Bantam, and I'm pretty sure I've got all the issues sorted out.  What a great little camera.

I had some good luck with the first roll of Tri-X I used in the Flash Bantam and was able to see the potential of the little camera.  I then ran through five rolls of TMAX 100 with very mixed results.  Some images were very nice, but others lacked adequate contrast and sometimes showed a hot spot in the center of the image.  Between rolls five and six I finally figured out what needed fixing.  I'll try to put together a page for the Flash Bantam on my vintage cameras web site shortly to recount my experience with the camera.  Let me just say now that the problem was not the lens, the film or the processing.


Jim said...

You're getting some really inky blacks there. Look forward to the full writeup.

Julio F said...

I wish there had been a 35mm Bantam.