Thursday, March 14, 2013

Albuquerque Color

When I dropped off my film today at Walgreens I was told by the lady at the photo counter that they would be stopping film processing next month.  I'm not sure if that means all of Albuquerque, all Walgreens, or what.  I guess it's time to get serious about DIY C-41 color development.


Jim said...

I dread the day I drop film off at CVS and they tell me the same thing.

The Walgreens near me stopped processing film over a year ago when they remodeled the store.

I *still* miss the large, good-quality scans I used to get at Costco before their processing machine died.

Norman Montifar said...

That is sad news indeed. I also use CVS to do my processing and scanning to a CD. I hope they will keep at it. Wonderful colors, Mike.