Saturday, February 16, 2013

half scenic

I took the Mercury II on a morning walk at the edge of the Sandia Wilderness east of Albuquerque.  I was pleased with this shot as it shows the rather good resolution from the Tricor lens and the half-frame format.

The image is also helped out by the capacity of Photoshop CS2 to tame the highlights which often look blown out in Fuji 200 color negative film.  Selecting Image/Adjustments and then Shadow/Highlight brings up a multi-slider box that permits useful alteration of shadows, highlights and mid-level contrast.  Adobe recently made CS2 available as a free download and it is worthwhile just for this one option, I think.  I appreciate any help I can get as my scenic efforts are generally pretty pathetic.


Jim said...

That same Shadow/Highlights multi-slider box is available in Photoshop Elements 9, which is what I run here. Darned useful.

Julio F said...

Very nice landscape, beautiful composition with that foreground.