Thursday, February 14, 2013

café bébé

I'm usually partial to cameras that are more compact than the Mercury II, but it has some redeeming features.  The shutter accuracy and reliability are outstanding.  The lens is very good.  The half-frame format requires some extra care in framing to get acceptable image smoothness, but the doubling of the capacity for a roll of film also encourages a more spontaneous approach to image making.


Jim Grey said...

These are delightful photographs, Mike. They make me want to join you there for a cup.

I just shot my first half-frame camera and didn't enjoy the experience. By photo 25, I was ready for it to be over already!

Mike said...

My only other half-frame was an Olympus Pen EE which I bought new in 1961. I haven't had much interest since in shooting half-frame, but I really like the Mercury.

Norman Montifar said...

Wonderful colors. My favorite are the confection table and coffee cup. Love the window light. I have a couple of half-frame cameras too, an Olympus Pen EES and a Fuji Half-Frame. I haven't used them lately either but I used to shoot two related images in sequence to produce a diptych.