Monday, January 05, 2009

The Future Revisited

Governor Bill Richardson and Lt. Governor Diane Denish came to Albuquerque in April to announce some State funding for the AT&SF 2926 locomotive restoration project. It was a highly choreographed event, with impressive performances delivered by all involved. The Restoration Director and the NM Cultural Affairs Secretary shared MC duties. Bill and Diane demonstrated hyper-alertness to the environment while maintaining well-rehearsed postures of command and control. At that point, Richardson was still a Presidential contender, though perhaps a long-shot. Denish could see the governorship just over the horizon.

Later, with Obama's big win and the Democratic Party sweep in New Mexico, the climate looked favorable for both politicians, though the details were still fuzzy. Now, the New Year looks like an economic train wreck. The chances for Richardson to appear again in an Obama photo op seem rather dim. Denish will be changing gears, though she might not be completely unhappy about not being in the driver's seat for the next two years.

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