Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Break

With few people on campus during the holidays it was a nice opportunity to walk around and focus on forms, spaces, stairways and passages as they were envisioned by the architects and builders.

The Ansco Panda is not the camera of choice for classic architectural work.  The single-element meniscus lens produces blurry borders and shows quite a lot of pincushion distortion.  Still, I think those faults can be turned to features with a bit of thought and some judicious cropping if need be.


robert said...

A second look to see if the tree is real or shadow in the first.
The bicycle reminds us that someone may be there?
The lone man in the shadow causes us to be on alert.
A real Hitchcock opening!

Julio F said...

I like the tree shadows in the first picture. Tones are just right. Your humble Panda keeps delivering.