Thursday, January 31, 2013

the death of film

Another treatment on the theme can be found on the NYT Lens Blog.


Julio F said...

First time I see something thoughtful about the death of film, although #2 and #3 would also suggest birth of negatives.

In Spanish "still life" = "naturaleza muerta". So it all fits well.

Wonderful tones. That Panda can also do close-ups, I am nonplussed.

Mike said...

That would be something of a good trick by the Panda. It was actually the Mamiya C330. I actually have thought about putting a close-up lens in front of the Panda, but it's one of those projects that may stay on hold for a while.

Mike said...

I should add that I'm actually pretty tired of the theme on the forums. I thought it might be worthwhile to just do a little something impressionistic with images on the theme. It also occurred to me that film actually dies in a way when it is used, but leaves a memory behind.