Friday, January 11, 2013

la vie domestique

Weather and lighting conditions get a little hard to predict this time of year.  In order to extend the possibilities for shooting with my Ansco Pandas I've got film in both of my cameras.  The Fuji Acros 100 takes care of the usual sunny day scenario.  Tmax 400 in the other camera lets me shoot under cloudy skies, or even indoors with good window light.  Of course, the Tmax could also be pushed a couple stops if necessary, so the spectrum of possibilities is really pretty wide with this simple box camera.

I used this same two camera strategy when I was first working with the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash, but that camera is bulky and required carrying along a bag for the cameras.  The compact Panda can actually be stuffed in a jacket pocket, so it is less of a problem to take along two of them.


Norman Montifar said...

Very interesting indoor shots. I like your cat portrait, enjoying it's throne.

Mike said...

Richard has been a faithful collaborator over the years in my photographic efforts. I often turn to him for help when the weather discourages outdoor work.

Julio F said...

The images tell us of winter. Good that you have enough light for the Panda.