Sunday, February 26, 2012


I rode over to the sailboat races on Saturday afternoon on my motorcycle with the Pentax and the big zoom slung over my shoulder.  I didn't feel like carrying along any more gear, but there is always room in a pocket for the little Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim.  I cropped these shots rather severely to a panoramic format, but I think they hold up pretty well.


Jim said...

Are you developing your own color film? These shots "feel" like the shots from your Spotmatic/Yashinon in terms of the way color is rendered. I'm no expert in this stuff -- I make software for a living -- I'm just reporting how it seems to my untrained eye.

Mike said...

I used the same film, Kodak Gold, for these shots and for the ones made with the Pentax. The rest of the resemblance is likely due to my post-processing of the images in Photoshop. Kodak Gold always gives me a bit of a green cast which I typically alter by adding some red and yellow. With the VUWS I also usually do some dodging and burning to compensate for the rather marked difference in exposure the camera produces from the center to the frame edges. This all goes against the grain for many plasticam users, but I prefer to build on the strengths of the VUWS rather than revel in the crappy angles.

Processing my own color is one of those projects I've thought about for years without actually making any progress toward doing it.

Dirk said...

And I thought that was a Vivitar IC 101.

Mike said...

Nearly all the little plastic Vivitars seem capable of making very nice images. I've never tried the IC 101, but have had several with the panoramic viewfinder. The PN 2011 has a sharp lens that has made some nice pictures for me.

Dirk said...

I have the Reader's Digest PN 919 (a Vivitar PN 2011 clone) and many others.
My favorite is the panorama Fotquelle (25mm lens), is also my Vivitar UWS replacement.
The Vivitar UWS is seldom found with us and also very expensive (30-40 €).
By the way, I saw your post about your pinhole camera (Agfa Billy), I found very interesting!

Julio F said...

Nice to see you using a proper modern camera! Wonderful shots, I like best the second one with those ducks.