Sunday, February 26, 2012

Off to the Races

The boats being raced this Saturday were of the One Meter Soling Class.  Colors vary, but all boats are identical in construction; so sailing skill is the key to winning (along with a little luck).

The racing captains control their boats with radio transmitters and receivers which activate solenoid movements of the rudder and sails.

The breezes over the ponds are always unpredictable; some sharp gusts had the boats moving along nicely.

The competition is keen and requires intense concentration to keep the boats on course to properly round the buoys at each end of the pond.

If boats pass the marker buoy on the wrong side, they must go back and try again.

The boat owners are mostly middle-aged and up; they all seem to having a very good time.

There is always a good crowd around the ponds on the weekend, with many enjoying the races and others interacting with the big flocks of waterbirds attracted by copious distributions of bread crumbs.

I was pleased with this first performance by my new Yashinon Zoom on my Pentax Spotmatic.  All the shots were hand-held at f8 and 1/500.  The film was Kodak Gold 100.


Jim said...

These need to be seen larger to be appreciated. I think my favorite one is the third one, with the yellow boat. The tree's branches all guide the eye down to the bright yellow body.

Mike said...

It is always a little disconcerting to watch people look at my blog and never click on a thumbnail to see the full-size picture. Nice to know there are a few discerning visitors who get it.

These pictures were a warm-up for the main event with my Yashinon. I'll trundle it over to the zoo soon to give it a chance to perform as intended.