Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living in the Southwest

I doubt if I could generate much of an argument over the idea that early Fall is the best time to be in New Mexico. I've been out nearly every day during the past week, exploring the edges of Albuquerque.

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On Thursday I rode to both the north and south ends of the Sandia mountains on the city's east side. The morning ride took me up a curvy little road into the hills at the north end of Tramway.

On the way home for lunch I stopped to admire the Sandia Pueblo bison herd in a large pasture across the highway from the casino.

In the afternoon I headed south to the pass between the Sandias and the Manzanos. My destination was the small Santo Niño Cemetery across the highway from Carnuel.

My camera for both trips was the compact mju.

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Julio F said...

Beautiful pictures, I like the saturated blue of the sky in the last one, and of course that bison. You seem to have a good area to motor around.