Monday, October 31, 2011

Olympus 35RC

A couple more off the last roll through my little Oly 35RC.

The Kimo theater got a new sign recently.

Albuquerque probably has more than its share of old cars quietly rusting in driveways and back yards. This old VW pickup is one of several in a lot close to the city center; they have been sitting there for the three years we have been in town, and possibly quite a bit longer than that.

The Olympus 35RC is a very reliable performer, due in part to the shutter-priority auto-exposure which provides just enough help to get the picture right every time. The E.Zuiko 5-element lens is exceedingly sharp and produces image quality which seems at odds with the camera's very compact size.

Until recently, I had three 35RC cameras. The first one was purchased from a seller in Las Cruces; it made some nice pictures for me in a trip to the Northeast, and later in Greece. The auto-exposure stopped working at one point, but it turned out to be just a tiny bit of lint caught in the mechanical exposure control linkage. A light leak proved harder to fix, and I ended up getting a second example of the camera. About a year ago, I found a third example in a bin at a local thrift store and paid about five bucks for it. I traded away that one for a Yashica. I was a little reluctant to get rid of my first one because of its sentimental connections to some nice travels, but finally found a worthy recipient who I gave it to the other day.


Jim Grey said...

The 35 RC is on my to-buy list. Wish I could find a bargain like you have.

Mike said...

Finding that last one in the bin with all the cheap plastic was about my best find ever. I don't suppose I'll turn up another 35RC like that, but if I do you'll be first on the list. Looking for anything else?