Friday, January 28, 2011

out of the box

I started acquiring old film cameras to shoot with in 2002; most of my early finds were box cameras that I picked up in Las Cruces junk stores for a few dollars each. Today's Sunday Slideshow features my early efforts with those simple cameras. In looking at the notes that go along with the pictures, I see that I didn't have a scanner at the time; I was using a foamboard light box to make copies of my negatives using a primitive little digital camera. I have to admit that my Photoshop skills were also pretty rudimentary.

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Julio F said...

This is quite an impressive portfolio. Coming from a box, it is also a tribute to the photographer's skills and good eye. The digital troubles you mentioned just add to the uniqueness of the pictures.

My favorites are the little girl with cat, and the last one posted here (which looks quite like a Cezanne).

Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.