Saturday, January 22, 2011

cover shots

Voigtländer Bessamatic

I started this blog just a year before we moved to Albuquerque in January of 2008. I had my Photography & Vintage Cameras web site under way well before that, and the blog seemed a nice way to show some of my current work with the old cameras without all the coding that goes into web site maintenance. In order to link the two sites, I decided to feature a cover picture on the web site homepage that would point to the latest blog entry.

I see in looking back at my collection of cover shots stored in a Photobucket folder that I have recently posted the 300th cover. A few of the photos are digital, and there are a couple not mine which were the work of others featured in blog posts. The vast majority, though, are pictures from my collection of old film cameras. So today's Sunday Slideshow is a look back at the past four years of my photography and my life.

When viewing the slide show, some viewing options are available if you move your mouse pointer down to the bottom of the page. I found it more interesting to use the "reverse order" option to view the series from the beginning in January of 2007. It is also possible to control the speed of the presentation, or to select individual photos from the thumbnail list.

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