Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Connecting the Dots

I've been trying in this blog to stay focused on making photos with old film cameras. The previous post was obviously an excursion well outside that objective. In my defense, I'll offer the fact that my obsession with the idea of flight has often been expressed in photos made with my old cameras. The pictures I like best on the topic have been made at the opposite ends of the resolution spectrum.

What joins this set of images, in addition to the topic, is the wide-angle perspective which puts the flying machines in their proper environmental context. For the Pentax photos, I used the Super-Takumar f3.5 24mm lens. The converted Billy Record sports a pinhole with an aperture-to-film-plane distance of about 35mm which gives a broad view on the 6x9 cm format.

Pentax Spotmatic

Pinhole (Converted from Agfa Billy Record)


Julio F said...

I love these pictures of flying machines. The wide angle helps to give breathing room to the subjects or sets them in context.

The pinholes are outstanding; the balloon has a ghost-like quality, and the sky in the last picture is wonderful. I'm impressed by the sharpness of the pinhole shots.

That P-51 (?) looks great through the 24 mm lens.

Mike said...

The Pentax shots are all of Collings Foundation planes.
I'm looking forward to their next visit to Albuquerque in April.

cameratakesphotos said...

amazing images! I love to see photos of those old machines.... and the sky just adds to their magnificence....