Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Beemer at the Bosque

I have added an article about the Argoflex Forty to my vintage cameras web site.

The post-war Argus medium format cameras were designed to take Kodak's 620 rollfilm, and there seems to be no way to jam a 120 cartridge into the film chamber. That is really not a big problem as re-rolling 120 film onto an old 620 spool is an easy five-minute job. An additional perk is that the Argoflex and a lot of other very nice 620-format cameras can be picked up for just a few dollars.

My camera, for which I think I paid about ten bucks, arrived ready to shoot except for slightly slow shutter speeds. A couple drops of lighter fluid through the side of the shutter housing fixed that. I also made a lens cap from the chopped-off bottom of a 35mm film cannister. It's a great little shooter.

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