Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Critics

The backyard cats were a little irritated with me for fooling around with the camera instead of filling the feed bowls.

The camera was the Olympus Infinity Hi-Lite AF, aka: AF-10 Mini.
The lens is an f4.5/35mm; it focuses down to one meter and is a little soft at wide apertures, but does pretty well in bright light. The camera, introduced in 1994, has the great virtue of using cheap and easily obtained AA batteries. Another two-dollar find at the thrift store.


Julio F said...

Beautiful child and impressive cats - I'm sure you have no rodents around.

Olympus small cameras do have a magic to them, and their lenses are quite acceptable at f8 and below.

Mike said...

They are hard to resist at a dollar or two. Still looking for an XA and an MJU II. Craig sent me a couple auto-compacts a couple years ago, but I just couldn't seem to get into them at the time because of the motor noise and the shutter lag. I guess I've mellowed a bit in regard to my requirements. So far, the mju has the nicest lens in terms of sharpness and minimal focal distance.