Monday, May 20, 2019

Museum Car Show

I took two cameras to photograph the yearly Albuquerque Museum car show.   First up was the Ansco Panda, my favorite box camera.  My plan was to use Fuji Acros in the camera, but the sky was overcast, so TMAX 400 seemed the better choice.  (Click the images to view full size.)

The Panda seems to me to be the perfect camera for shooting car shows.  It is small enough to stuff in a jacket pocket and the camera's short focal length provides a wide angle perspective I like.  Having to re-roll 120 film onto the 620 reels needed by the Panda is only a minor inconvenience.


JR Smith said...

I am always impressed! Great shots from this simple picture-maker!

Mike said...

I've made a lot of pictures with the little Panda, but it always surprises me with the quality of the images it delivers. Several of my box cameras yield even better sharpness, but the short focal length and wide-angle view of the Panda is unique.