Wednesday, February 13, 2019

On Slowing Down

I've found myself lately making some stupid mistakes in my photographic endeavors.  It seems pretty clear to me on thinking it over a bit that I'm not now - maybe never have been - particularly good at multi-tasking.  I seem to have quite a variety of interests and obligations and it is clearly a mistake to try to take care of more than one or two at a time.  So, I'm going to try to slow things down a bit and try to focus better on each thing , and keep my priorities straight.

Part of my problem involves the generosity of friends.  Recently, I have been gifted several fine cameras and an Apple IMAC.  I'm thrilled to have each of those items, but I've got to do a better job of pacing myself in taking advantage of my sudden wealth of opportunity.  The IMAC, for instance, is particularly welcome as a chance to learn to use an Apple system.  People occasionally ask me for help with their computers and if it happens to be an Apple I'm skating on thin ice because I've been using Windows machines for a very long time.  Similarly, going from a highly automated camera like the Minolta X-700 to a much older mostly manual camera with some issues takes some real gear shifting.

I do have to admit that I have one very large advantage over most of my photographer friends in that I am long past the point in life when I had to get up and go to work every weekday morning.  At this point, I'm really impressed with the quality of photographic work I see from some of my younger friends while fitting it into a schedule over which they have little control for at least forty hours a week.  So, I really have no very good excuse not to get things under control.  Realistically, however, I'm pretty sure it is going to take some thoughtful effort to be successful.

I'm thinking one thing I can do right off is to cut back on my blog posting.  One post per week is probably a  practical upper limit, and once a month may be even better.  Actually, that is something that may take care of itself if I just focus a bit better on thoroughness and quality in my photographic projects.  Other ideas and suggestions are welcome.


JR Smith said...

I am right there with you. With a move and a new job, I've found scarce little time to get out and shoot any pictures. It frustrates me and the frustration is counter productive. Then I think, "Oh my, I haven't posted on the blog in forever"...and that adds anxiety. Or I realize that I have three cameras I bought last year, none of which I've had time to shoot with and write about. Then, there's just all the other life stuff and I end up with a plate that is too full.

So I've set about rethinking my photographic goals for this year, editing them down to just a few manageable ones that I think I can get done. If I stick to those, I'll feel good about the year. The move has also allowed me to purge myself of lots of material crap that I just didn't need in my life. My more minimalist environment is creating some peace.

Mike said...

I always thought that moving every five or six years was a good way to get rid of excess baggage. When we left San Francisco in 1977 we got rid of everything that would not fit into our Econoline van. That was a challenge as the van also had to fit our two kids, a dog, a hawk and a friend. We trucked some stuff from Idaho to eastern Washington, but then reduced the load again when moving to New Mexico when we stuffed everything into the back of a LUV pickup. Our last move was just a few blocks from our rental to a house, so we've accumulated more than our little house can really handle. Probably time for another move.

Jim Grey said...

Post as little or as much as you like. Through the magic of RSS we'll all still be here.

astrobeck said...

I read your blog and thoroughly enjoy it. However, I understand the time involved.As you know I recently stopped blogging and then came back with a new blog. The thing is, I feel less stressed about it this second time around because I am not locked to a self imposed schedule.
Just blog when you have time or feel compelled to do so. I'm sure your readers will be happy to read each new post as I am.