Saturday, December 30, 2017

Industar 50

I have most often used my Zorki 2-C with the collapsible Industar 22; it is nicely sharp, and when pushed in to the resting position the whole thing will slip easily into a jacket pocket.  The rigid Industar 50 makes a bulkier outfit, but it is just as sharp and likely has the same lens design as the collapsible I-22.

Zorki 2-C, Industar 50, silver and black

One nice thing about the Industar 50 is that it is extremely easy to service.  The focusing movement of the black one was very rough, so I recently re-lubed it.  There are some useful links available to help getting that job done.  The tomtiger site features very good illustrations of the lens disassembly, though it shows much more than is needed for just a lube job.  The text-only Nickfed article at rangefinderforum says everything needed to get the job done.  I will only add that it is a very good idea when unscrewing the front element to mark the release point  on the lens as the multiple start points on the thread can make reassembly quite challenging.

I started a roll of Kentmere 100 in the 2-C with the silver Industar 50 on a walk to Old Town, and finished it the next day at the Botanic Garden.

Trash Day Panorama

Backstreet Grill

Farolitos Extinguidos




JR Smith said...

This lens renders shiny chrome (like the conduit on the Backstreet Grill shot) in a very pleasing way. Sort of a creamy, dreamy look. And Kentmere seems like good software for this hardware.

Mike said...

I'll be interested in seeing how the black one compares. I don't think I shot it before because of the rough focus.

jon campo said...

Those photos look sharp on my screen Mike. I have one I was about to throw in the bin, so I will have to try this. That looks like the happiest goat I have ever seen.

Mike said...

The goats size made him a little intimidating, but he was actually very friendly and he poked his head through the rails for a scratch.