Monday, December 21, 2015


So, I went to my local used computer guy and bought a not-new laptop running Windows 7 so that I could run the Blurb book creation software.  Not exactly state of the art, but it looks like it will do the job.  Also picked up a $25 19-inch monitor today so that I can see what I'm doing.

After years of putting my photos on line on my blog and my web site I see that I have a lot to learn about producing images for print.  It is a sobering experience, but not without reward.  I've worked through most of the issues with Photoshop at this point.  Now, I'm looking at learning some new things about layout and fonts, along with rethinking some ideas about why and how I make my images.  It is nice to have a project to work with.


Jim Grey said...

I've made a few books using Flickr's tool, always to give away as gifts. That's about as easy as book-making gets, but there are few options: no text (except a limited amount on the cover), limited layout options, no choices in length/width or paper. But it does work, and you do get a nice enough book with images that look about the way they do on my monitor.

I hope you'll continue to share your progress and results here.

Mike said...

I haven't looked much at book creation possibilities beyond what is offered at Blurb. Their main software package, BookWright, is free and pretty complete in terms of wysiwyg functionality. It seems like a good learning tool, which definitely suits where I am right now. I'm getting pretty close to actually putting something on paper. It will likely make use of their magazine format as it is cheap and accessible for potential viewers.