Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Moving along

My vintage camera web site is set to go off line at the end of 2015.  Much of the information is duplicated in this blog which will remain available.  While I could easily reconstitute the web site at some time in the future I am more inclined to revisit some of the images and ideas via new media opportunities such as photo books, ebooks and exhibits.  I'll post notes here on any progress in that direction, as well as reporting on my collateral investigation into the question of whether or not old dogs can learn new tricks.

I have some preliminary findings that I can report now:

1. Retailers continue to ask outrageous prices for digital printer ink.

2. Blurb has announced that it will no longer support my XP operating system.

3. There are some interesting new programs for the black and white digital printing, one such being a shareware utility called QTR that does quite a bit better job of tonal control and producing color neutral prints than Photoshop.

4.  Recent visits to Albuquerque photo galleries have revealed an accelerating proliferation of schlock art in ever-larger sizes on shiny metal surfaces with all the subtlety of  late-night used car advertising.


lisa vm said...

I am glad I stumbled across your website before you will be taking it down as I have just recently been given a 1A Autographic Kodak Junior and was able to learn more about it through your site. I look forward to seeing my "new" camera still works!

Mike said...

There are several posts on the blog about my experiences with the 1A Kodak which you can find through the search box at the top of the page. It is one of my great favorites.