Monday, December 03, 2012

two eggs, up

The Cafe Lush at 7th St. and Tijeras is a classy place for lunch or breakfast with reasonable prices.  There's one friendly, competent waitress and a good cook.  I had two eggs up, hash browns, toast and coffee for $6.  We ate inside because it was early and a little cool, but by lunch the sidewalk tables are still feasible in early December.

In New York's Lower East Side in the '60s I could get the same meal for a buck, though the decor was not so spiffy. A couple blocks over, a lunch of pig hocks and mashed potatoes could be had for a buck or two.

All this got me thinking about deli food, so I picked up some pastrami, sauerkraut and rye and we made sandwiches for lunch today.


Jim said...

This is a nice composition. I find that I struggle to find the "sweet spot" if you will in settings like this.

Mike said...

A wide angle lens is useful for interiors. I bought a 24mm takumar for my Pentax when I was doing a bit of commercial architectural work. It was especially good for interiors, but not so great outside as it tended to grab the sun.