Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mesozoic New Mexico

A hundred million years ago New Mexico was tropical and wet and full of dinosaurs.  Quite a lot of them have been dug up and hauled to the New Mexico Museum of Natural History just a couple of blocks from my house.

The fossilized remains arrive encased in thick plaster which is broken open at these work tables.  Chipping away the rock in which the bones are embedded is a process that can take years to reveal a single specimen.


Jim said...

In the first shot, I'm amused by the fellow sitting on that bench. Is he sleeping? Bored? Angry? Could be any of the above!

Mike said...

He was one of the volunteers. I shot that right after the place opened for the day, so there wasn't much going on yet. I did the pictures in the museum on a tripod. That let me stop the lens down for good dof, and I thought it performed well.

Julio F said...

I like the color (off) balance in the first shot. It seems that the dinosaur skeleton is about to go into water, or to eat the volunteer.

I did not understand how you managed with Gold 100 in the second shot, until I read your comment about the tripod.