Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flowers for the Happy Camper

I got my first pictures today from my KW Patent Etui plate camera.  

Finding a roll film back was easier than I had anticipated.  It is a Rollex Patent model which has the proper rim to fit the narrow rails of the camera.  

The photos I made indoors looked good.  The outdoor ones were less so, showing a lot of light leakage which I believe is coming through the slot for the dark slide at the top of the film back.  I think a bit of tape will cure that problem, but I may need to put new light seals on the camera body as well.

The Tessar lens and the Compur shutter seem to be working well.  It took some effort to find all of the half dozen pinholes in the bellows, but a little opaque fabric paint seems to have taken care of them.


Jim said...

What fun! Can you comment on the experience of using this camera?

Mike said...

I've just put the one test roll through it so far. I'll have more to say about shooting it shortly. Basically, the Patent Etui is much like my other plate cameras, the Kodak Recomar and the Zeiss Ikon Maximar, though it is sleeker in design.