Monday, May 21, 2012


The annual Albuquerque Museum Car Show provided me with a nice excuse to give my Kodak Duo Six-20 a workout.

The Chevrolets were featured this year, but there were many finally restored models from every major American manufacturer of the 20th Century.

Some of the cars have been in the possession of their owners for decades,  a few were bought new by the person who still drives them.

The handlebars, seat and other details of this motorcycle betray its origins; it is a 1927 Harley.  What seems remarkable to me is what it shows about how little two-wheel design has changed over such a long time period compared to what has been experienced with the auto industry.

I was pleased with the performance of my recently-acquired Duo Six-20 which I think is well suited to portraying these historic vehicles.  The Compur-Rapid shutter is still snappy and the 1/500 top speed allows the use of about any modern film type.  The uncoated f3.5 Kodak Anastigmat lens renders very nice detail and tonal qualities.


Jim said...

Those are some mighty crisp black and whites. Looks like it was a blazingly bright day.

Mike said...

I think I've attended the last four shows. I don't recall a cloud in the sky at any of them. Just the kind of weather you want for a Spring car show, but not so great for photography.