Monday, May 14, 2012

Shooting the Kodak Reflex II

The Kodak Reflex II is one of those cameras that I always feel I should be spending more time with.  I've got quite a few lenses on my old cameras that are as sharp or sharper than the Kodak Anastar on my Reflex II.  None, however, can best it in rendering subtleties of black and white tonality.


Jim said...

Lately every time you post, I end up wanting to add the camera you're showcasing to my "to buy" list. This looks like a wonderful user, and looking at your photos it would be hard to complain about this lens's sharpness.

Mike said...

It is a very well put together camera. They go on ebay for not a lot of money. There are good DIY service resources listed on the page about the Reflex II at my vintage cameras web site. I rest my case.

Julio F said...

This is a great camera, and the last picture deserves a large print.