Monday, January 30, 2012


The last time I used my Olympus Infinity Stylus (mju ) the shutter release was not working properly.  It often required several presses of the button to fire -- not what you want in a small camera.

When I got home I checked the battery voltage, but it was still at 3 volts even after about a year of use.  Leaving the battery out, I dribbled a little Radio Shack electrical cleaner around the edges of the shutter button.  I let the camera dry out for a couple hours and then replaced the battery.  The action of the shutter release was much improved, though still not perfect.  I may try another round of the electrical cleaner.  I'll also not pass up the next five-dollar mju I come across at a thrift store.


Jim said...

I see lots of praise for the original Mju. I had a related, I guess, Epic Stylus Zoom 80 for a while that did a nice job. Seems like all the cameras in this series can be had for very little.

Mike said...

The original mju is a super bargain and one of my great favorite compacts.

The mju II is even a little smaller and it has a faster lens. Not cheap, though; they often fetch $60 or more on ebay. I thought I hit the jackpot recently when I found one for a few bucks in a thrift store bin. Put in a battery and it seemed to work fine. However, closer examination revealed that one of the little latch tabs was broken off, creating a light leak. I can probably seal up the thing with some tape, but my enthusiams is a bit dampened.