Thursday, January 05, 2012


The only Kodak Ektar lens in my collection is attached to a rather modest camera, the compact folding Retina I.

Kodak used the Ektar name to designate a whole class of professional-level lenses of the highest quality, all of them featuring unit focusing. The simplest of the line was probably the 3.5/50mm lens on my Retina I, basically a Tessar type with four elements in three groups. Ektar lenses with more complex designs were standard on the medium format Medalist, the Signet 35, and the Bantam Special which used 828 roll film.

I haven't made a habit of New Year's resolutions in the past, but this year I am determined to more fully explore the potential of some of the fine cameras in my collection which have not got the attention they deserve. Consider this post a first installment on that proposal.


Jim said...

I look forward to the results as you revisit your cameras!

robert said...

I agree with Jim. This is a worthwhile project. You have a real mix of subject material there as well.

Mauricio Sapata said...

These are fantastic results Mike! The yellow car and the VW are my favourites...and the Kodak Retina is a beauty!