Friday, January 27, 2012

Learning to be a photographer

From the Ceiling Lamp Series -- Cole Thompson

I recently  came across the work of Cole Thompson in an interview which appeared on Aline Smithson's LENSCRATCH.  Thompson shoots and processes his images digitally, but only shows black and white as a final product and his work is clearly informed by a great depth of knowledge of and appreciation for photography's long history.  The photographer is also a gifted writer, and he is very generous in sharing information about his techniques and the sources of his inspiration.  I've added a link to Cole Thompson's blog over in the right-hand column, and I'll be following his work closely from now on.


robert said...

Thanks Mike, Thompson is the kind of photographer that makes me stop and examine my own work. When he says "I don’t need a fantastic location like Yosemite which wears all it’s beauty close to the surface, just somewhere where my eyes can see it freshly" this is the kind of directional shove I can use.

Cole said...

Thanks so much for the re-post!

You have a nice Blog Mike.