Monday, November 21, 2011

No.1A Pocket Kodak

A walk in the Rio Grande Bosque.

My 1A Pocket Kodak was built for 116-format film, but it seems to work fine with still-available 120 rollfilm. The only hitch is that you have to keep the red window covered and roll on the film without reference to the numerals on the film backing. I normally can get six exposures on a roll of 120 by advancing the winding knob 2-and-one-half turns between shots. I got a little off this time because Acros seems to have a shorter leader than the Kodak film, and I ended up with just five exposures. Next time, I'll start the Acros with an initial six turns instead of the eight-and-a-half I give the Kodak to get to the first frame.


Jim said...

Nice work. Sounds like figuring this stuff out is half the fun.

attila meenghan said...

I really like your pictures. I just got today the same camera and I'm intend to try it outvery soon. Your advice and your technic is a great help. Thank you and I wish you good health and lots of sunshiney days for your photo walks.
Attila Meenghan (Manchester,UK)

Mike said...

I've gotten some pictures I like from several of my old folding Kodaks, but I think the images from my 1A Pocket Kodak may be the best quality.