Sunday, July 03, 2011

Central Avenue

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A block of Central was roped off for an afternoon car show. The street can get pretty rowdy on weekend nights, but the heat of a July afternoon kept the atmosphere mellow.

I managed to tame the curly exuberance of the Efke 100 film a bit by winding it up against the curl and leaving it overnight. That let me lay the film strip flat on the scanner in the 4x5 mask area. I was pleased with this last roll from the Foth Derby.


Julio F said...

Nice classic cars, and beautiful tones in this series. Congratulations for that Foth Derby, it looks like a real classic.

robert said...

Very nice set , the tones are reminiscent of a 1960's B&W film about hot rods and teenage angst. which suits the subject to a T.