Friday, November 19, 2010

Less is More

The mid-'70s Olympus 35 RC is a full-featured rangefinder camera that fits easily in the palm of your hand. Like the little Samoca 35 Super, the Olympus was the smallest camera of its type available at the time, and it incorporated many innovative design features. A CdS meter provides shutter-priority auto exposure with manual override. The E.Zuiko lens is a five-element design that yields razor sharp images. The aperture is set by the meter through a delicate mechanical linkage that seems like it should be vulnerable to damage, but all three I have owned have had perfectly functioning meters.

A very thorough review of the 35 RC can be found at Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest.

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Julio F said...

This is a camera I've always wanted to try; closest type I've used is an EC-2, which I believe has the same lens.

The RC seems a good fit to your eye - every time you pick it there are nice images from it. I like the colored threads in the second one. Obviously focus works well.