Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Pinhole

I've been wanting to try some pinhole pictures with a somewhat different style than I have done in the past. The little plastic point & shoot cameras are a good choice to convert for pinhole use. The camera case is simply disassembled , and the simple shutter and lens can be easily removed to make way for the pinhole.

This particular camera has a couple more things to recommend it for pinhole use. The lens mount where the pinhole disk goes is close to the front of the camera, so there is no vignetting of the image by the round lens opening. The paddle lens cover is actuated by the pressing of the shutter button, thus giving a relatively smooth release.

For maximal sharpness, one would want an optimally sized pinhole, and also the addition of a tripod mount to steady the camera on exposure. Since I was going for a more impressionistic style, I decided to just use some rubber bands to secure the camera to the top of my tripod, and I even shot it hand-held part of the time.