Monday, September 13, 2010

Shooting the Clack

If you are looking for the best image quality from a simple camera, the Agfa Clack is a good place to start.

The Clack offers greater control than most other box cameras, and the big 6x9 negatives on 120 roll film can produce great sharpness and tonal depth. One does have to keep the single low shutter speed in mind; any movement of subject or camera will greatly degrade sharpness. The close-up setting greatly extends the camera's versatility, but the point of sharp focus is actually at about two meters. Bearing in mind those limitations, the Clack produces images which always seem to exceed my own expectations.

Some of my earlier results from the Clack can be found on the camera's page of my web site.

1 comment:

Julio F said...

Nice shots again. You have a knack for holding the Clack steady! I agree that it may be one of the best box cameras ever made, along with the Tengor and the Hawkeye.