Friday, April 16, 2010

Greatest Generation Camera

My Kodak Brownie Reflex seemed to be the appropriate camera to document the recent visit of the Collings Foundation planes to Albuquerque. The design dates from 1940.

I was pleased with the results from the 127-format Efke R100 film which I got from B&H.

The rest of the images from the roll are included in a page about the camera which I have added to my vintage cameras site.

I'll post some digital images from the same event on my Flights of Fancy blog.


Julio F said...

Nice article on the camera and, of course, great plane photos once again. Your area seems very active regarding old air machines!

Mike said...

Such a great little camera. I may have to pick up some more 127 film.

cameratakesphotos said...

wow that camera really does take great photos! I have only used mine for TTV photography so far - will probably have to stick some film in it sometime soon!

Mike said...

I think the quality is really outstanding for this type of camera. The film plane is curved, which helps with edge sharpness, but there is no pressure plate. I think the wavy edges are due to that, along with some chips in the mask behind the lens.