Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sutro Baths

I took five film cameras on a ten day trip to San Francisco. That was apparently two too many, as I only managed to shoot with three of them.

First up was the little Brownie Reflex which has an uncanny capacity to select what is important in a scene and reject the rest. Since that is what photography is all about, I think my liking for the camera is understandable. I haven't quite yet figured out what the mechanism of selection is in detail.

I was sorry I had only one roll of 127-format Efke 100 to take on the trip. It is a nice film, though the emulsion seems a bit fragile.

We made several visits to the beaches, but only one hike down into Sutro Baths.

We managed to visit all our favorite places in the city, and even explored some new ones.

We always spend the first couple days scheming how we might move back to San Francisco. After that, reality sets in and we admit that it is an impractical idea.


Norman Montifar said...

I like the rendering of this camera, very vintage looking. Almost Holga like. Can't wait to see what you shot with the other two cameras.

Alex said...

I've got this camera and it's loaded with the Efke 100 film. Looking at your photos reminds me to finish my roll and do some developing.

Mike said...

I'd like to see what you get from the camera.

Julio F said...

Nice series. You cannot have too many cameras to cover San Francisco.