Friday, August 14, 2009


New Mexico is experiencing slightly cooler weather from overcast skies.

I'm pleased to see that my 1953 Contaflex is performing well following its last cleaning. I gave the shutter a good soaking in Ronsonal and a final light brushing with extra fine graphite suspended in a little lighter fluid. The Tessar lens and Reala film are always a nice combination.


Julio F said...

Those three pictures are excellent color examples- the first one, with the right combination of opposite colors, and the last one with a very subtle gradation and nice focusing. Hope you can get that Contaflex going along!

Mike said...

The camera seems to be working well. Still managed to underexpose these, though, as I had the meter set a stop to fast. Oh, well. I need to check with Dean to see how much he would charge for a cerebral CLA.

Norman Montifar said...

Great colors, Mike!